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Malan Relationship Health Classes & Workshops 

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Our classes and workshops are carefully designed to develop your skills and to promote personal growth. Each can enrich your quality of life and greatly empower your relationships. 

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Relationship Communication Skills Workshop
How important is communication to your relationship? 
COUPLE COMMUNICATION I teaches a practical set of talking and listening skills:

Session I - Caring About Yourself uses the Awareness Wheel TM to
help you better understand yourself and talk about issues efficiently.

Session II - Caring About Your Partner applies the Listening Cycle TM 
to assist you in connecting with and understanding your partner better.

Session III - Resolving Conflicts: Mapping Issues guides you in 
resolving important and complicated issues collaboratively.

Session IV - Choosing Communication Styles TM expands your 
awareness and choices for communicating effectively in a variety of situations.

Participating in this course was the best investment we have made so far
in our two-plus years of marriage. I expect this investment to improve our
marriage in the years ahead.Gary and Gail Peterson
This workshop is offered in a group setting or as individual private sessions - call us for details              

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