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Sex Therapy Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Our specialties are psychotherapy and sexology. We specialize in evaluation and treatment of the following conditions:


bulletDepression or Anxiety
bulletMarital Conflict & Relationship Issues
bulletShyness, Dating, or Relationship Conflict (Coaching or Therapy)
bulletSexual Abuse
bulletCompulsive Sexual Behavior (Out of control behavior)
bulletReligious Values Conflicts
bulletSexual Orientation (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual Identity)
bulletGender Identity (Transgender, Transvestism (Cross-dressing), Transexualism)
bulletIntersex (Hermaphrodism)
bulletBlended Family
bulletAlternative Lifestyles 
bulletCompulsive Overworking (Work Addiction)
bulletReligious Abuse
bulletCompulsive Religious Behavior (Religious Addiction)


u   Sexual Desire Disorders
         Hypoactive Sexual Desire (low desire)       
         Sexual Aversion
u    Sexual Arousal Disorders
         Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
         Male Erectile Disorder
u     Orgasmic Disorders
         Female Orgasmic Disorder
         Male Orgasmic Disorder
         Premature Ejaculation
u    Sexual Pain Disorders
         Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

Malan Relationship Health Clinic provides marriage counseling and sex therapy in Salt Lake City, UT as well as the Ogden, Provo and Logan areas. Our clinic serves all of the Wasatch Front, and the Intermountain area. We are Board Certified in Sexology and AASECT Certified in Sex Therapy. We also are an IPC Certified Couple Communication provider. A valuable adjunct to our specialty certifications is our additional experience, training and knowledge working with specialty providers in the field of sexual medicine. This allows us to work as a clinical team with medical providers to co-ordinate treatment of sexual pain, diagnose hormone or neurotransmitter imbalances, or treat physiological sexual dysfunction.

Our advanced training and specialty practice offers greater in-depth evaluation and treatment than is available through typical general practice marriage counselors who may have only very basic knowledge about sex therapy. Additionally, because we are a husband and wife clinical team with very specialized and unique qualifications, we have many patients across the United States who travel from neighboring states (California, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona) for one or two day intensives. We also provide nationwide or international consultation sessions at a distance by telephone.

Many individuals are concerned about talking with a provider or seeking help because they worry their sexuality is atypical or too unusual for them to feel safe talking with a therapist. We hope that will not be the case with those who need our help. We pride ourselves in being non-judgmental of any lifestyle or behavior. We are experienced and skilled with diversity. We simply want to help individuals and couples build satisfying relationships and find joy in sexuality. Our clientele range from highly conservative to highly diverse individuals. We are highly experienced in providing service to the faith-based, LGBT, disabled, kink and other diversely specialized communities. Our goal is to help you feel safe, relaxed and confident as we help you create the healthy and satisfying life you want. All treatment is confidential.

Malan Relationship Health: marriage counseling Salt Lake City, UT / sex therapy Salt Lake City, UT.

We serve the Salt Lake, Ogden, Logan, Provo metropolitan areas. Please call to speak personally with us.

Colette Malan, LCSW, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist 801-334-7217
Mark Kim Malan PhD, MPH, DACS 801-334-8583




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